Agila – available jobs for occupational therapists/physiotherapists

Available jobs occupational therapist & physiotherapist

Agila works with a large number of clients across Sweden. We receive ongoing enquiries from clients in need of skilled occupational therapists & physiotherapists. Job placements for occupational therapists & physiotherapists vary in duration and scope, from individual days and part-time assignments, to year-long full-time contracts. You circumstances and your work situation determine which jobs are right for you. When you take on an assignment as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist through Agila, you enjoy the following benefits, among others:

  • Freedom and flexibility
  • The right value and reward for your work
  • Simple and smooth co-operation
  • Rewarding work duties
  • Career-enhancing assignments

Rewarding, flexible assignments – available jobs for occupational therapists & physiotherapists

Once you have an account with Agila, you can log into My Personal Pages and easily access all available jobs for occupational therapists & physiotherapists. Once logged into our online portal, you can apply for jobs that are only a few weeks or longer periods. Quick and easy! Our available assignments and jobs are updated continuously, but there are always plenty of jobs available for occupational therapists & physiotherapists.

If you would like to find out what jobs are available for occupational therapists & physiotherapists, follow the link to find out more about working as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist.

Maximum service – for occupational therapists & physiotherapists with or without experience of working through a staffing agency

Whether this is the first time you’re working as a locum occupational therapist/physiotherapist through a staffing agency, or you have previous experience, we always want to make the process as smooth as possible for you. At every stage. Our process for those who are new to working as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist through a staffing agency is simple, and you need no previous experience of working as a locum therapist. Make a job interest inquiry or call us directly to get started.

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