Occupational therapist/physiotherapist? Send a registration of interest

Clients who need help with recruitment or staffing can send an interest registration herehere.

We dare say that we are the obvious choice for physiotherapists and occupational therapists who are interested in consulting assignments. When you work for Agila, it is you who decides how you want to dispose your time and you can always count on getting full service from us.

As a staffing therapist at Agila, you get:

  • A personal contact person with whom you handle all ongoing contact
  • An employer who is committed and cares about you
  • To choose when and how you want to work
  • More time for "real work" through reduced administration
  • Full service from us at Agila with eg travel and accommodation
  • Variation in work
  • Appreciation for the work you do
  • Education and skills development
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