Vacancies for psychologist consultants

We have vacancies for psychologist consultants

At Agila psychologist staffing, we always have lots of vacancies for you who are psychologists. Use the search function below to find your dream assignment!

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48-24 (2025)2024-05-28T09:30:44.253
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Noodxl Rkyqjtai, Dnmajtpvfwv
28-18 (2025)2023-03-20T13:46:51.520
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Available jobs in various forms for psychological consultants

At Agila psychologist staffing we always have lots of vacancies for you who are a psychologist. We collaborate with hundreds of clients around Sweden and have vacancies for psychologists in lots of different forms. We collaborate with clients in areas such as school, primary care, child and adolescent psychiatry, adult psychiatry, habilitation and treatment homes. As a psychologist consultant at Agila, you always have good opportunities to be matched to assignments that suit you and your skills, regardless of whether you want to carry out individual investigations or if you want to work full time for a longer period. You choose!

Flexible jobs as a psychologist

Working as a psychologist consultant at Agila means that you have the freedom and flexibility to choose how you want to work. You decide for yourself how much you want to work, what type of assignment you want and where in the country you want to be. Thanks to the fact that we have so many vacancies for psychologists, you have good opportunities to create the arrangement that suits you. Being a psychologist consultant with us simply means that you can influence the balance between private life and working life.

Safe conditions and competence development for psychologist consultants

Regardless of whether you choose to work full time or just a few extra hours sometimes, you always have the same secure employment conditions as a psychologist consultant at Agila as if you have a job directly with a municipality or region. As a psychologist consultant at Agila, you have the opportunity to try lots of different types of assignments. If you want to broaden your skills, the form of work is therefore an excellent opportunity for just that. Maybe you will find what you are most passionate about by trying out different assignments with us. Agila collaborates with many clients throughout the country, which also creates opportunities for you who want to discover new environments and workplaces. Thanks to the opportunity to continuously take on new assignments, you can expand both your CV and your network. Psychologists who work continuously for Agila are also offered further training in the form of courses or training.

High salary for psychologist consultants

As a psychologist consultant at Agila, you always get a high and competitive salary. The salary level you can receive depends, among other things, on the scope of the assignment and your experience as a psychologist. To some extent, the salary level is also affected based on where in the country the vacancy is. Read more about salary for psychologist consultants.

Vacancies for psychologists in primary care

Many of Agila's clients are in primary care, which means that we always have vacancies for psychologist consultants in the area. This type of job may suit you who enjoy patient contact and collaborating with a team of colleagues.

Vacancies for psychologists in psychiatry

Agila has agreements with most regions in Sweden and thus often has vacancies for psychologists in both child and adolescent psychiatry and adult psychiatry. Regardless of whether you want to increase your holiday pay by working extra hours or if you are interested in a full-time job, there are always vacancies for you who are a psychologist and want to work in psychiatry.

Vacancies for psychologist consultants in student health

Agila collaborates with many municipalities and private schools around the country. For you who are a school psychologist, we often have vacancies in student health, regardless of whether you only want to carry out individual investigations or if you want to work on site as a school psychologist for longer periods.

Search for job vacancies

Stay up to date on our vacancies by logging in to My Pages . As a psychologist consultant at Agila, you are given access to our platform with current vacancies. Our database is updated in real time as soon as new jobs come to us. If you find a job that interests you, you can show interest in that job with a simple push of a button, and your contact person will contact you directly. Creating an account on My Pages is very quick, you just fill in a few details about yourself and your skills. Submit a interest registration to us and we will create an account for you.

Once you find a job that interests you, we take responsibility for producing relevant information for your future work, communicate with the client and, if necessary, we arrange travel and accommodation. We make sure that you do not have to think about the practicalities around your job, but only focus on doing a good job! As soon as your expression of interest has reached us, you will receive a personal contact person at Agila. This personal contact becomes a security as all contact always takes place via the same person who gets to know you, your needs and wishes. This personal dialogue makes it easier for us to find jobs that suit you.