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Agila - the choice for locum doctors/physicians in Norway

Work as a locum doctor in Norway

Agila should be the obvious choice if you want to work as a locum doctor in Norway. If you have worked as a locum doctor for Agila before, you will encounter exactly the same personal and accommodating approach when you choose an assignment in Norway. When you work as a locum doctor through Agila, you will get these benefits:

  • A committed employer
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Good working conditions and remuneration
  • Less administration and more clinical work
  • Varying work duties
  • Professional and personal development
  • Appreciation for your work
  • Continuing education and specialist training

Full service – we make it easy for locum doctors in Norway

As a locum doctor with Agila, you get service beyond the ordinary. It is our responsibility to provide you with all the information you need for your job and we also assist you with all the practical details such as travel and accommodation. Of course we also provide information and guidance for procuring the necessities needed for your stay in Norway as a locum doctor. The aim is to make it just as easy for you to accept a locum physician's assignment in Norway as it is in Sweden.

Agila accepts responsibility as an employer

We care about our employed locum physicians and their work situation and strive to ensure that our locum physicians regard us more as an employer than a staffing agency. We are well aware of the impact that work enjoyment has on performance and as a committed employer we always make it our job to ensure that our locum physicians enjoy their job situations. This awareness, coupled with an exceptional level of service, enables locum physicians working for Agila to work in a stress-free atmosphere so they can focus on doing a professional job while we handle everything else.

Salary and remuneration as a locum physician in Norway

Agila offers a high and competitive level of pay which our locum physicians truly appreciate based on the work they do. The level of pay is individual and based on factors such as specialisations, experience and flexibility.

As a locum physician in Norway you decide if you want to work as an Agila employee or invoice us through your own company. Salaries for our employed locum physicians are paid out twice a month. Give us a call and we will explain more! Read more about salary for doctors here as well.

You can read more about accepting a job as a temporary/staffing doctor in Norway here.

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