Working as a staffing nurse in Norway – FAQ

Below are our frequently asked questions and answers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your question is not covered.

What does a nurse in Norway earn?

Pay levels at Agila are individual. Pay levels for nurses in Norway vary, in the same way as for most permanent positions. Your level of qualification is the main factor, but the scope, length and geographical location of the job also count. Please contact us for specific examples for your particular qualifications.

How do you pay salaries?

Our nurses are employed by the Swedish company Agila Nurse AB, and this is the company that pays the salary. Salaries are paid twice a month, on the 10th and 23rd.

Where do I pay income tax?

As you are working in Norway, that’s where you pay income tax. This means that if you have not worked in Norway before, you start out on a low tax rate. The rate then goes up as your total income in Norway increases.

Is there holiday pay for nursing jobs in Norway?

Holiday pay (feriepengar in Norwegian) is paid in June each year. The holiday pay rate is 12% on top of your standard pay.

What kind of competence development do you provide for nurses in Norway?

Nurses working for Agila in Norway on a regularly basis, can have an individual training and development programme tailored to your particular wishes and requirements.

How long has Agila been operating?

Agila started in 2008 under the name Vårdassistans. We changed our name to Agila in 2016. Our business has always been the same: staffing

In what fields of nursing do you offer jobs in Norway?

Agila offers jobs in all fields of nursing, both for licensed nurses and for different specialities.

Can you provide testimonials?

Yes we can. Talking to a colleague about working as a nurse in Norway, and about Agila as an employer, is an excellent way of finding out about us and the sector we work in.

How can I see what jobs are available for nurses in Norway?

Once you have an account on our website, you can simply log in as a nurse and search for jobs in our database, which is constantly updated. The results show you what nursing jobs are available in Norway at any given time. When Agila receives a query from a client company, however, these are often filled immediately before being published on our website. This is why it’s worth maintaining a close dialogue with your personal contact, so that he or she knows exactly what you’re looking for.

What documents do you need if I want to work for Agila?

Before you can be assigned jobs, you will need:
  • Names and contact details of three references
  • Test results for MRSA and tuberculosis
  • Completed CPR/advanced CPR training certificate
  • CV
  • Copy of valid photo ID
  • ID document
  • Copies of any specialist certificates
  • In certain cases, a copy from the criminal records database

Why should I work as a nurse in Norway?

Agila has conducted surveys of employed nurses asking this specific question. Responses show that our nurses particularly value the flexibility and freedom to choose their own working hours, while they also reduce the administrative workload and can spend more time doing clinical work. The higher rate of pay, appreciation from the employer and varied work tasks are also important factors.

Why should I work as a staffing nurse in Norway through Agila?

Agila is the company that goes that bit further than everyone else, and is always working for its clients and employees. At Agila, it is not enough to know that our staffing nurses are satisfied. We want Agila to be the natural choice for staffing nurses, and our efforts towards this aim make a big difference.

What checks do you run on nurses working for you in Norway?

Ahead of a job, you will always be checked with the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision (Helsetilsynet), the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen), the Danish Health Authority (Sundhetstyrelsen), or with corresponding authorities outside of Scandinavia depending on where you have worked previously.

Do you provide jobs for student nurses in Norway?

At present, we do not provide staffing jobs for student nurses in Norway.

How long-term are the jobs you offer?

The length of jobs for nurses in Norway varies. Agila can offer everything from individual shifts to placements lasting several years.

What do I need to work as a temporary nurse in Norway?

Agila will help you with everything related to your job in Norway – from administration to practical matters, leaving you to concentrate on your job as a temporary nurse.

If I take a job in Norway, do I organise my own travel and accommodation?

Agila will always help you find the best travel and accommodation solution if you take on nursing work in Norway.

What about the language?

Norwegian is very similar to Swedish, so it’s easy to understand and be understood in Norway. Agila’s clients require our nurses to have at least one Scandinavian language, so fluent Norwegian is not obligatory.

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