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Psychologist Staffing

Agile psychologist staffing has hundreds of licensed staffing psychologists available for assignments. Regardless of whether you have urgent needs or want a more long-term solution, we can help you with psychologist staffing. Thanks to the fact that we work with so many psychologists , we have good opportunities to help you with psychologist staffing, regardless of what skills and experience are important to you. and to what extent you need help.

Staffing of psychologists - broad competence

Our staffing psychologists can take assignments in areas such as psychiatry, primary care, student health within the school, occupational health care, habilitation and pain clinics. Agila's thorough competence and eligibility control and the staffing psychologists' long experience mean that we can quickly assist you with help, regardless of what competence you need. It's one of Agila's strengths as a psychologist staffing company.

Quality-assured psychologist staffing

All psychologists who apply for assignments via Agile Psychologist Staffing undergo a thorough competence and eligibility check where we, among other things, check the psychologists' eligibility with the National Board of Health and Welfare and IVO. We map competence and experience and interview a number of references in order to be able to quickly and safely place the right psychologist on the right assignment. Our control systems for psychologist staffing are quality assured according to ISO 9001.

Why choose Agila for psychologist staffing?

1.Flexible and fast

Recruiting staff is very time consuming and there is always the risk of expensive incorrect recruitment. Our staffing psychologists have undergone Agila's extensive eligibility and competence check and can often start working immediately. If, contrary to expectations, it still does not work as desired, it is often easier to cancel a staffing assignment than if you hire yourself. We will of course arrange a replacement!

2. Long experience Agila has been around since 2008 and has extensive experience of staffing care and nursing staff. Many of our employees have many years of experience working in health and care, this gives us a good understanding of what our customers demand. Thanks to our long experience in care staffing, we have good opportunities to find skills that suit your business.

3. Competence in all areas

We do not only work with psychologist staffing but can function as a complete solution with all care and nursing staff that you may need. Here you can read more about our activities within health care staffing and medical care staffing.

4. Employer Responsibility Agila has the employer responsibility over our staffing psychologists and of course takes full responsibility for salaries and all other costs associated with the psychologists. You get the staff you need and only pay for the hours our psychologists actually work with you.

5. Personal contact

Already at the first contact with us, you are assigned a personal contact person with whom you then handle all contact. Our goal is for your contact person to get to know your business in order to be able to quickly assist with quick and suitable solutions.

Different orientations of psychologists

Depending on how your business looks, your needs can obviously look different. Agile psychologist staffing collaborates with psychologists with the following focus / competence:

  • Clinical Adult Psychologist
  • Clinical child and adolescent psychologist
  • Treatment psychologist and psychotherapist
  • Educational Psychologists and School Psychologists
  • Disability Psychologist
  • Occupational and organizational psychologist
  • Addiction Psychologist

Investigations through psychologist staffing

Many of our licensed psychologists have many years of experience in investigative work and can undertake assignments throughout Sweden. We can offer staffing psychologists with a special focus on work with children and adolescents or adults for neuropsychiatric investigations of, among other things, autism, ADHD and intellectual disability. Regardless of whether you need help with individual investigations or are looking for a more long-term collaboration, we can help you find the right candidate.


We have many psychologists with experience of working with psychological treatments of various kinds, including psychotherapy and CBT in primary care and psychiatry. Regardless of whether you need to strengthen at temporary peaks or need to strengthen the staff in the long term, we have psychologists available.

Digital Psychologist Staff

Do your business need psychologists who can see patients digitally? Agila has staffing psychologists who can make occasional patient contacts when you have tops, but we also have psychologists who can work full time for longer periods with just this. Many of these psychologists already work with digital patient contacts and are thus very used to the way they work.

How does it work?

Call us directly at 08-410 725 00 or send in a registration of interest so can contact you directly. You may also email us at if you prefer. At your first contact with us at Agila, we ask some questions and explain how we can best help you. We then talk to the psychologists we think best suit your needs and will return shortly with a proposal for a candidate. Of course, it is always up to you to decide whether you want to hire the specific psychologist or not. If the candidate does not seem quite right for your business, we will return with suggestions for other psychologists. You are of course very welcome to give us a call if you have any questions!

Here you can read more about Agila as a staffing company for psychologists .

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