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Assignments for psychologists!

In which areas are there assignments?

Agila offers assignments in areas such as psychiatry, habilitation, primary care, student health and occupational health.

What type of assignment do you offer psychologists?

Our psychologist consultants usually works with treatment or investigation. In some cases, our consultants work with both parts on the same assignment, in other cases they work with only investigations or only treatment work.

Where in the country do you have assignments for psychologists?

Agila has staffing psychologists who work around the country. We always try to meet our psychologists'' wishes and needs when we match them with our assignments. You decide for yourself how much you want to work, what type of assignment you want and where in the country you want to be.

Who are Agila?

Agila was founded in 2008 and has since staffed quality staff in care staffing, care staffing and school staffing. We are one of the Nordic region''s leading staffing companies in these occupational categories. In addition to psychologist consultants, we also work with temporary physician, staffing nurse, social workers, occupational therapist, physiotherapists, consultant teachers and special educators.

Why should psychologists work through staffing companies?

Working through a staffing company for psychologists offers a more flexible everyday life and a greater opportunity to influence their own compensation. Staffing companies exist to offer psychologists a wide range of different assignments. In other respects, higher remuneration, less administrative work and varying tasks are high on the psychologists'' priority list. More and more people are also demanding the opportunity for work at a distance, which we as a staffing company for psychologists often have better conditions to offer than with a traditional employment.

Why choose Agila?

There are many reasons to choose to work as a consultant at Agila. Something that our consultants often say is that they can control their time more when they work for us. Being able to influence the balance between private life and working life is something that many people appreciate, and as a psychologist consultant at Agila, you have complete control over your work situation. The compensation is of course also something that influences the choice to become a psychologist consultant. Here you can read more about salary for psychologist consultants .

Freedom and flexibility
You choose which assignments you want and can control how much you want to work. The balance between work and private life has never been easier!
Large selection of assignments
Agila is one of the Nordic region''s leading staffing companies within health care staffing and medical staffing and collaborates with very many clients throughout Sweden. This means that our opportunities to find suitable assignments for you are very good.
Personal contact who knows how you want it
Your personal contact person will get to know you in order to offer you the service you deserve. The contact person always helps you with everything related to your assignments and can tailor arrangements that suit you.
Good replacement!
We always offer competitive remuneration and salary on our psychologist assignments!
Development - test new assignments and broaden your skills
Many assignments = many development opportunities. As a psychologist consultant, you develop both personally and professionally.
Continuing education - courses and education
Agila offers courses and training to the consultants who work continuously for us.

Who is my employer when I work through Agila?

Agila is your employer when you take on psychologist assignments through us. We have full employer responsibility and of course offer the same secure employment conditions as if you have an employment directly with a care provider. But you can also choose to take assignments through your own company.

What salary do you get for psychology assignments?

The salary for our consultants is individually based on previous experience, but also depends on the type of assignment in fraga, the scope of the assignment, length and geographical location. Here you can read more about salary for psychologist consultants .

Are you responsible for travel and accommodation if I have an assignment elsewhere?

Yes, we offer accommodation and travel for our psychologist consultants.

When do you pay salaries for your employed psychologists?

Agila has two salary payments per month to our employed psychologists.

What documents do you need to be able to offer assignments to psychologists?

To gain access to our assignments and work with Agila, we need to get the following:
  • Certificate of identity as a psychologist
  • Possible copy of specialist certificate as a psychologist
  • Detailed CV (including will journal system you have experience of)
  • Names and contact details of three referees
  • In some cases extracts from the debit register

How do you get access to your current assignments?

Once we have access to your documents, we send login information to our consulting portal where you as a psychologist consultant get access to our current assignments.

Can a psychologist consultant work for Agila through his own company?

Yes, as a psychologist you can work for Agila as a subcontractor through your own company.

Can you help me get started as a sub-consultant?

Yes. If you are considering starting your own company, Agila''s partner will be happy to help you get involved. time with everything. Contact us for more information about this.

How long are the assignments for psychologists?

The assignments vary in both length and scope for our psychologists. We have psychologists who work extra for shorter periods and those who work full time for longer periods. You decide for yourself how long and how much you want to work. Here you can read more about vacancies for psychologists.

How much do I have to work?

You choose which assignments you want and can control how much you want to work. The balance between work and private life has never been easier!

Are you procured?

Yes, Agila is procured in very many regions and municipalities. Our ambition is to be able to offer our psychologists as many assignments as possible. We also have agreements with many private care providers.

Can you provide references?

Yes, we absolutely can! Agila has long and broad experience of staffing in health and care and is happy to provide references.

Is there an opportunity for competence development?

Yes. Psychologists who work continuously for Agila are offered further training in the form of courses or training. In addition, it is of course very developing to test in different workplaces. Thanks to the opportunity to continuously take on new assignments, you can expand both your CV and your network.

How do I get a job as a psychologist?

Submit a sign-up on our website and we will contact you shortly. The person who contacts you is then your personal contact person with whom you henceforth handle all contact.

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