Staffing company for psychologists

Staffing companies for psychologists

Agila, as a staffing company for psychologists, can assist both municipal and private schools with school psychologists for both shorter investigations and longer staffing periods. Agila's school psychologists are passionate about children and young people's health and development. All have many years of experience from school psychological activities and experience in the school world and can quickly get into your activities, regardless of whether the assignment includes investigations, consultation, support for students and school staff or supervision.

Occupational Health Care

We, as a staffing company for psychologists, work with psychologists who are specialists in occupational health care and can, among other things, help you with organizational changes, work adjustments and rehabilitation if someone has become ill. We staff work and organizational psychologists directly with employers and with companies that specialize in occupational health care.

Primary care

Are your activities active in primary care and need extra support from a psychologist? Many of our psychologist consultants has extensive experience of working at a health center and can quickly get into this type of job. Many of our psychologists are also licensed psychotherapists.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Many of our existing customers are in child and adolescent psychiatry around the country. We can quickly assist with psychologists with many years of experience working with children and young people, who can undertake assignments that include both treatment and investigation.

Adult Psychiatry

Agila collaborates with many psychologists with long experience in working with adult patients and can assist with specialized expertise in, among other things, depression, anxiety and worry, obsessions, problems with eating disorders, addiction and substance abuse, cognitive disabilities and self-harming behavior. Regardless of whether you need to support your business with extra staff urgently or if you are interested in a longer collaboration, we have psychologists at your disposal.

Test material

In some cases, assignments require psychologists to use test materials. If such is needed, but is not available within your business, it is of course provided by Agila.

One contact

Already at your first contact with Agila psychologist consultants you get a personal contact person who you then handle all contact with. Our goal is to always offer psychologist consultants who suit your business's needs, and with a personal contact person, we hope to be able to create long-term relationships where we learn about how your business works in order to be able to tailor arrangements that suit you.

Long experience as a psychologist staffing company

Agila was founded in 2008 and is one of the Nordic region's leading staffing companies in health, care and schools. Thanks to our long experience in care staffing, we have good opportunities to find skills that suit your business. We collaborate with hundreds of staffing psychologists with great variation in skills and experience throughout Sweden, which means that we can quickly assist you with it help you ask for, wherever you are. In addition to psychologist staffing, Agila also works with nurses, doctors, social workers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and teachers.

Flexibility when using a staffing company for psychologists

There are many reasons why staff shortages can occur, such as illness, parental leave, holidays or recruitment difficulties. Regardless of whether you need temporary support for shorter periods or if you want a more long-term solution, we will help you with your needs - you decide the scope and time period.

Agila, as a staffing company for psychologists, has full employer responsibility for our employed psychologists and of course takes responsibility for salaries and all other costs associated with our employees. You get the staff you need and only pay for the hours our consultants actually work with you. Our goal is to offer fast, simple and flexible staffing where you as a customer can focus on all the other tasks your business is facing.


We think it's important to be able to staff with the same psychologist continuously for both longer and recurring periods. We always strive to create long-term collaborations between our consultants and customers - both because we know that it takes time and energy to train new employees, but also because of the importance of continuity in care and treatment of patients. Agila collaborates with hundreds of psychologists around Sweden and many of them of course want to work close to home, preferably recurring with one and the same client.

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