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How much does a nurse in Norway earn?

Salaries for nurses in Norway

Working as a locum nurse in Norway is something that many find both exciting and developing, an adventure that involves both to discover a new city or town and combine it with fun and developing missions. Agila offers assignments throughout Norway in all specialist competencies. So the chances that we will find an assignment that suits you are very great. Of course, salary is also an important factor and at Agila we offer a competitive salary for all our staffing nurses in Norway. For us, it is important that you experience it as stimulating and that you feel motivated when you work as a nurse through us. Therefore, we also want to reward a well-executed effort with a good salary. In addition to the salary itself, we offer several other benefits - for example the opportunity to receive a favorable pension savings, health insurance and skills development.

What does a nurse in Norway earn?

It is difficult to find good and reliable statistics on nurses'' salaries in Norway. On this page, we have collected some data we have found regarding nurses'' salaries in Norway. But remember that the salaries presented here apply to nurses who are employed in Norway.

Staffing nurses who work through us in Norway always have significantly higher salaries!

In Sweden, an undergraduate nurse earns an average of SEK 38,700 before tax. The corresponding figure for a nurse who has her employment in Norway is an average of 47,020. The table below shows the salary levels for undergraduate nurses in Sweden. Here are more statistics on salary for nurses in Sweden

Age Salary
18-24 years 31 000 kr
25-34 years 35 600 kr
35-44 years 38 600 kr
45-54 years 41 000 kr
55-64 years 42 800 kr
65-66 years 45 000 kr
Average 38 700 kr

What salary can I get as a temporary nurse in Norway?

At Agila, we set all our salaries individually. You who are a hired nurse in Norway receive compensation that takes into account both your education, level of competence and experience. It is also possible for you to receive a higher salary if you are flexible in choosing a location and can take on assignments that may involve a little uncomfortable working hours. Do you want to know what salary you can expect as a hired nurse in Norway? Fill in a registration of interest here on the right and we will contact you as soon as we can. Of course, it''s best to give us a call on 08-410 725 00 We look forward to talking with you!

Salary via Agila or invoice via your own company

When you work as a temporary nurse in Norway via Agila, you can choose between two ways to get your compensation. You can either be employed by us or invoice via your own company (F-tax is required). Both options have their advantages and you decide for yourself what suits you best. Most nurses who work with us in Norway choose to withdraw their salary through us. If you choose that option, you will be employed by Agila. We handle all administration and everything that has to do with taxes, employer contributions and other administration. You can start working immediately and not have to think about the paperwork, we take care of that.

As an employee temporary nurse in Norway, you get your salary paid twice a month. That is a great advantage in itself. You can also take out an advantageous pension package via Länsförsäkringar. If you do not have your own company today but are thinking about it, we are happy to help mediate the contact to our long-term partner EKTA, which works as a comprehensive supplier of administration and accounting for companies in the healthcare sector. EKTA has many years of experience of working with hired nurses who want to invoice their assignments in Norway through their own company. Regardless of whether you choose to work as a hired nurse in Norway via Agila or if you want to invoice via your own company, Agila offers ongoing competence development in the form of, for example, courses, seminars and lectures.

Good pay for relay nurses in Norway is not everything

Of course, the salary is an important argument for working as a hired nurse in Norway. But it is far from everything. Taking staffing assignments through Agila is something that many find both exciting and developing. Agila always strives to be the obvious company when choosing staffing companies for nurses. We have been working with healthcare staffing since 2008 and over the years have developed both routines and a fingertip feeling for what is needed for our staffing nurses to thrive on their assignments.

Already through your first contact with us, you get your own personal contact person. Together you discuss everything from salary to issues that may arise during the time you are out on duty in Norway. You have an ongoing and personal dialogue, which means great security for you. Not least, it is supportive when you have to choose where in Norway you should work. Contact us directly and we will be happy to have a first conversation about what salary may be relevant and what it is like to work as a nurse on assignment in Norway! Please read more about available jobs for nurses in Norway here.

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