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What do occupational therapists and physiotherapists earn in salary?

Competitive salaries for occupational therapists/physiotherapists

It goes without saying that you should feel valued and be happy with the work you do – certainly at Agila, at least. We know that as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist, you do important work, and we want you to feel valued and appreciated accordingly. Agila therefore always offers a high, competitive salary and favourable terms. The level of pay for occupational therapists & physiotherapists is individual and based on factors such as qualifications, experience and flexibility. Contact us to find out more about pay and other terms for occupational therapists/physiotherapists.

As an occupational therapist/physiotherapist, you choose whether to work as an Agila employee or to invoice us through your own company. Employed occupational therapists & physiotherapists are paid twice a month.

If you would like to find out more about our salary rates and benefits for occupational therapists/physiotherapists, follow the link to find out more about working as a locum therapist.

Information about salaries for occupational therapists & physiotherapists

Agila offers high, competitive salary to its occupational therapists/physiotherapists. You should feel satisfied and valued. The salary for our occupational therapists & physiotherapists is individual, experience and qualifications being the main determining factors. Other factors include geographical location, and the duration and scope of the assignment.

Employee or own company? – High rates of pay/remuneration for occupational therapists/physiotherapists

As an occupational therapist/physiotherapist, you can choose whether to work as an employee or to invoice us through your own company. Whatever your preference, we offer competitive rates of pay/remuneration to our occupational therapists & physiotherapists. If you’re thinking about starting your own company but are unsure about administration, bookkeeping and other paperwork etc., Agila can help through its collaboration with full-service agency EKTA. EKTA is a long-standing business partner to Agila, with specialised knowledge and understanding of the sector. In addition to assistance, support and monthly reconciliation, they offer niche expertise for locums working for Agila, for instance on invoicing and remuneration for occupational therapists/physiotherapists. By having your own company, you are even more able to govern your own work situation, and using EKTA’s full service you can eliminate the administration obstacles at a beneficial price.

If you would like to find out more about working as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist through Agila, follow the link to find out more about taking assignments as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist.

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