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Quality assured social worker staffing

Agila's social worker staffing only involves the most skilled social workers in Sweden. To ensure that our recruiting hits the mark, our consultant managers conduct a stringent and well planned selection process. All social workers who work for us have undergone a highly comprehensive skills and authentication control.

The selection process for social workers undergoes constant review for quality and is continually developed by Agila's Medical committee in social services which consists of people with extensive experience in working as social workers in several different fields but with a particular focus on social services. The job of the medical committee is to maintain our quality of work in the recruiting process but also assist our consultants in providing advice and guidance in specific issues. The work of the medical committee is a key reason for the many comments of praise we have received during follow-ups of our staffing jobs. Our control system for social worker staffing has been given ISO 9001 certification. Our control system for social worker staffing has been given ISO 9001 certification.

Responsible social worker staffing

As a supplier of social worker staffing services, we feel that it is a given that our clients should be able to count on us to always deliver exactly what is expected. We always take responsibility for ensuring that the social workers we work with perform well. In the event that a client does not feel that the social worker performs up to the standards promised, we consider it a given that we provide the client with a replacement.

Personal contact enables sustainable and long-term social worker staffing

You will immediately be assigned a personal contact person who then handles all communication with you. Through frequent and personal dialogue, we get to know each other, what is important for your buisness and the type of social worker staffing which suits you best. This enables us to find the right locum social worker for each job. A personal relationship makes it easier to offer fast and tailored solutions to our clients' social worker staffing problems.

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