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We constantly strive to offer our customers cost-effective services of the highest quality when they are in need of hiring social workers. It is extremely important that we ensure that the services we offer are tailored to the wishes of our clients. This, coupled with competent and service-minded staff, leads to satisfied clients and forms the foundation for good, solid, long-term relationships between our clients and us as a social worker staffing agency.

To ensure that our consultant social workers meet our clients' requirements, Agila relies on a comprehensive and meticulous recruiting process. This process involves in-depth interviews, several reference checks and careful background checks of the social worker applicants. We always check diplomas from the relevant learning institute.

Agila is a staffing agency that specialises in social workers

Agila boasts an expansive network of active social workers and offers staffing within all specialist areas. We have placed special emphasis on social services, especially in individual and family care, where we offer social workers for positions such as social secretaries, administrators, supervisors and managers. Our wide selection of social workers makes it possible for us to hire out social workers and meet emergency staffing needs.

By maintaining a close and personal working collaboration, together we can build long-term relationships

Thanks to accurate and specially developed routines and procedures for follow-up of the staffing of social workers, we are able to gather the opinions of our clients and social workers at a very early stage. As a result, we can eliminate potential problems and plan for a long-term, solid relationship with all three parties; we as a social worker staffing agency, you who hire social workers and the social worker in question.

Shortly after the start of the assignment, we always contact both the social worker and the contact person from the client. During a follow-up, we always make sure that the work relationship is good and that all parties are satisfied. We then conduct continuous follow-ups until the job is over.

To further improve our processes, we conduct continuous, comprehensive customer surveys.

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