FAQs re hiring teachers and supply teachers

FAQs re hiring teachers and supply teachers

Below are our frequently asked questions and answers re hiring teachers and supply teachers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your question is not covered below.

What does it cost to hire supply teachers through Agila?

Prices for hiring supply teachers vary depending on the person’s qualifications, the geographical location of your operation, and what level of expertise you wish to cover. If you are interested in hiring supply teachers, please contact us directly and we’ll be happy to provide a detailed estimate.

For what ages and school types can we hire teachers?

You can hire teachers for all school years and school types, from nursery school to adult education. Read more about teacher staffing.

What’s the difference between hiring a teacher and hiring a supply teacher?

If you want to hire a teacher, we have fully qualified teachers with many years of working experience. Agila strives always to maintain high-quality staffing in the long term, and you can hire teachers from us for long periods. If you want to hire a supply teacher, we only offer the best temporary replacements with the relevant experience. You can hire supply teachers for placements of varying durations.

How do you quality assure the teachers and supply teachers who work for you?

We work according to a meticulous, comprehensive recruitment process when hiring teachers and supply teachers for our clients. It includes in-depth interviews, thorough referencing, and close checks on all applicants. We guarantee that all our supply teachers have a recent copy from the criminal records database which you as a client can check. We also check our teachers’ licences with the Swedish National Agency for Education, and are aware of any warnings or remarks.

Can I hire a teacher anywhere in Sweden?

Yes! We have supply teachers available for schools all over Sweden. Read more about teacher staffing.

What is your quality management system?

Agila has a proprietary quality management system certified to ISO 9001.

Are you environmentally certified?

Yes, we hold ISO 14001 environmental certification.

How long has Agila been operating?

Agila started in 2008 under the name Vårdassistans. We changed our name to Agila in 2016. We initially worked in healthcare staffing, and in 2018 we expanded into hiring teachers and supply teachers for schools.

Can you provide testimonials?

Yes we can. Talking to an industry colleague about hiring teachers or supply teachers is an excellent way of finding out about Agila and the sector we work in. Please get in touch for contact details of relevant references.

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