Great salary and appreciation for special educational needs teachers

Salary and work terms for special needs teachers

Agila offers competitive rates of salaries for special needs teachers. Our salary for teaching staff is always at market rates, and we aim to ensure you are happy with the money you earn for the work you do. Pay rates for special needs teachers are individual. Your level of qualification, experience and flexibility are some of the factors that affect the level of pay.

As a special needs teacher, you choose whether to work as an Agila employee or to invoice us through your own company. Salary for special needs teachers is paid twice a month.

More than just pay – special needs teachers are also offered competence development

We know that pay is important to our special needs teachers, but we also want working for Agila to be developmental professionally. If you choose to work for us as a special needs teacher, we will not only pay you well but also invest in you wholeheartedly. We know that your personal development is important to you as a special needs teacher. We therefore offer employed special needs teachers who work with us on a regular basis ongoing training in the form of courses and seminars. This does not affect your salary as a special needs teacher. Together, we formulate a personal training and development plan tailored to you.

Personal contact for special needs teachers

You will immediately be assigned a personal contact, who will deal with all contact with you. By maintaining a close dialogue, you will quickly get to know each other, what’s important to you and what kind of special needs teaching jobs you are interested in. You and your contact will also discuss your pay, so that they know what kinds of jobs are relevant for you.

In addition to pay as a special needs teacher – a pension scheme and loss-of-income insurance

In addition to a high rate of pay, special needs teachers who work for Agila are also offered a pension scheme through Länsförsäkringar. Special needs teachers who work regularly are also offered loss-of-income insurance, which covers up to 90% of lost income due to illness. Please get in touch to find out more about what we can offer you as a special needs teacher!

My Personal Pages for special needs teachers

All special needs teachers in our network of contacts get their own login details for My Personal Pages. This is where you can search for available jobs in Agila’s database and express your interest in them. The list of jobs is updated every hour, which means the content is always up to date.

When you are logged in as a special needs teacher, you can report your time, notify us when you’re available for new jobs, access pay details, download administrative documents and so on.

Read more about jobs for special needs teachers.

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