Consultant teacher, special teacher FAQ

Why should I work as a supply teacher?

Agila is the natural choice if you want flexible work on your own terms. As a supply teacher at Agila, you get a high rate of pay for a reasonable workload. There is extensive opportunity to control your own working life, and you can choose from a wide range of placements of varying duration. We have plenty of jobs for qualified teachers and supply teachers. Read more about available supply teaching jobs.

Can I work as a supply teacher without teacher certification?

Yes, you can work as a supply teacher for Agila without teacher certification. Read more at working as a supply teacher.

In what areas do you hire supply teachers?

We have jobs for certified teachers, and for those with a different education or those who have worked in schools before. We hire staff for all school years and school types, from nursery school to adult education. We provide nursery school teachers, compulsory school teachers, upper secondary school teachers, special educational needs teachers and supply teachers. Read more about working as a staffing teacher and supply teacher here.

What does a supply teacher earn?

The salary for a supply teacher varies according to the qualifications and experience required for each assignment. Your level of qualification is the main factor, but the scope, length and geographical location of the job also count. Please contact us for specific examples for your particular situation. Click on the link to find out more about salaries for supply teachers who work for Agila.

How often do you pay supply teachers?

We pay our employed supply teachers twice a month.

What kind of competence development do you provide for supply teachers?

If you work for us regularly, you can have an individual training and development programme tailored to your particular wishes and requirements.

How long has Agila been operating?

Agila started in 2008 under the name Vårdassistans. We changed our name to Agila in 2016. We initially worked in healthcare staffing, and in 2018 we expanded into hiring staff for schools.

Can you provide testimonials?

Yes we can. Talking to someone about working as a supply teacher, and about Agila as an employer, is an excellent way of finding out about us and the sector we work in.

How can I see what jobs are available for supply teachers?

Once you have an account on our website, you can simply log in and search for jobs in our database, which is constantly updated. The results show you what supply teaching jobs are available at any given time. When Agila receives a query from a client company, however, these are often filled immediately before being published on our website. This is why it’s worth maintaining a close dialogue with your personal contact, so that he or she knows exactly what you’re looking for in your supply teaching job.

What documents do you need if I want to work as a supply teacher for Agila?

To work as a supply teacher, we require the following information:
  • CV
  • Names and contact details of at least two references
  • Copy of valid photo ID
  • Copies of upper secondary school grades and any other qualifications
  • Copy of teacher certification (if you’re a qualified teacher)
  • Copy from the criminal records database

Do you provide supply work for student teachers?

Yes we do! We like to see student teachers working for us as supply teachers.

Do you work with other students?

Yes. We see it as a major advantage if, while working as a supply teacher for Agila, you are studying at university, college or some other kind of post-upper secondary education.

How long-term are the jobs you offer?

The length of our assignments varies. We can offer everything from individual shifts to placements lasting a whole academic year or longer.

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