Agila – Sweden’s leading staffing agency for supply teachers

Agila – The staffing agency with the best supply teachers

Working as a supply teacher entails a great responsibility. At Agila we work only with Sweden’s best supply teachers, who have the experience relevant to the job in question. All Agila staff also meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • At least 2 years’ collective experience of working as a supply teacher in compulsory or upper secondary school.
  • At least 3 years’ higher education.)
  • Teacher training – commenced.

As an agency providing supply teachers, it is vital that the services we offer are in line with our clients’ wishes and requirements. This objective, combined with competent, service-minded staff, leads to satisfied schools and lays the foundation for strong, long-term relations with our clients.

As a staffing agency, we are constantly striving to offer cost-effective services of the highest quality. Agila can provide the following supply teaching staff:

  • Supply teachers with relevant experience
  • Nursery school teachers
  • Compulsory school teachers
  • Upper secondary school teachers
  • Special needs teachers

The staffing agency with quality-assured supply teachers

To ensure the highest quality as a staffing agency, Agila uses a meticulous, comprehensive process for recruiting supply teachers. It involves in-depth interviews, thorough referencing, and close checks on all applicants. We also guarantee that our staff have a recent copy from the criminal records database which you as a client can check. Our checking systems for supply staffing are quality assured to ISO 9001.

Staff monitoring

Thanks to detailed, specially developed procedures for monitoring our supply teachers, we capture comments and opinions from our clients and our staff at an early stage. This means that we can eliminate any potential problems with the supply teachers, and can lay a basis for good long-term relations between us as a company, you as a client, and the staff we provide. We always make contact with the staff member and the client’s contact person shortly after a placement has begun. By monitoring in this way, we aim to assure ourselves that staff/client cooperation is working well, and that everyone is happy with the arrangement. We then conduct ongoing follow-up as the placement progresses.

To further improve our processes, we also conduct ongoing client surveys.

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