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Agila -the obvious choice for temporary/ staffing social workers

Staffing assignments and investigation assignments for temporary social workers

As a temporary social worker, you can decide how and where you will work. Jobs can consist of working on site on the client's premises, but in many cases it involves investigation work performed at a county social services office. If you are a social worker with experience in several different fields and areas of expertise, you have more choices for creating your own dynamic and independent work situation.

Personal contact for you as a temporary social worker

You will immediately be assigned a personal contact person who then handles all communication with you. Through frequent and personal dialogue, you will soon get to know each other and discover what is important for you and what type of jobs you are interested in as a temporary social worker. Sign up here!

Collective agreement for temporary social workers

Agila has signed a collective agreement with the The Swedish Union for Professionals (Akademikerförbundet SSR). Through the collective agreement, you are covered as a temporary social worker by occupational pension insurance, occupational group life insurance as well as security insurance in case of a work injury. Here you can also read more about salary for social workers

Education and specialist training for temporary social workers

Here at Agila, we want your experience working with us as a temporary social worker to enhance your professional development. If you come to work for us we will invest wholeheartedly in you. We are convinced that your personal development is important for your work as a temporary social worker. For this reason, we offer our employed temporary social workers who work with us on a regular basis continuing training in the form of courses and seminars. Speak to your contact person about your specialist training and development. Together we will work out a training program tailored to you as a temporary social worker.

Competence committee

In addition to our skilled consultant managers, we at Agila have a group of particularly experienced and competent individuals who form our competence committee. Their job is to provide support to our consultants and consultant managers, offering advice and guidance within extra challenging areas and situations. Our competence committee also contains a resource which enables us to provide external guidance if you are a staffing social worker.

Consultant meetings for staffing social workers

We arrange ongoing regional meetings for our staffing social workers. You have an opportunity at these meetings to meet other staffing social workers and staffing managers from Agila. The purpose of these meetings is to create a forum to allow staffing social workers to trade experiences, information and views. During these meetings we touch upon current discussion themes as well as invite outside speakers. They also offer an opportunity for us to gather feedback from our staffing social workers. These meetings serve as a platform for our staffing social workers but also as a vital tool for creating good working conditions between us as an employer and our staffing social workers. If you are curious about what meetings are being planned in your area, contact your staffing manager to find out more.

Agila on-call for staffing social workers

You can always reach us at Agila. Many of our staffing social workers work evenings and weekends, which means that questions and issues can arise outside of office hours. To provide you with the best support possible, our consultants can always reach us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call our switchboard, +46 8-410 725 00, and you will reach us quickly.

My Personal Pages for staffing social workers

All staffing social workers in our network get their own login information for My Personal Pages. If you are a staffing social worker, you can search for available jobs and express your interest in them in Agila's database. The list of jobs is updated every hour which means that the information in our database is always current.

When you have logged in as a staffing social worker, you can report your time, notify us when you are available for new assignments, download administrative documents, etc.

You can read more about working as a locum social worker for Agila here.


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