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Assignments for you as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist

Tailor-made assignments for occupational therapists & physiotherapists

One of the benefits of taking on assignments as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist is that you control how and where you work. We always strive to ensure the assignments we offer our occupational therapists & physiotherapists are optimally matched to the individual’s wishes. Quite simply, you create your own dynamic, independent work situation, alongside your staffing manager at Agila.

With broad skills and experience as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist, you have the opportunity to take on assignments nationwide. Some of the areas where we can offer assignments for occupational therapists/physiotherapists are municipal healthcare and elderly care, private and public primary care, and specific inpatient care.

Close, personal co-operation with you as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist

As soon as you make the decision to contact us here at Agila, you are assigned a personal contact. From then on, this will always be your contact person at Agila. Whether you’re working on a short-term assignment or embarking on a long-term contract, we know how important it is to have a single, regular contact. In turn, this enables us to understand you and your needs, and to maximise the potential for a good co-operation. And perhaps most importantly of all, we have a chance to get to know you as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist, and to ensure a close, mutually rewarding relationship. Sign up here!

My Personal Pages

To make things even easier, all our occupational therapists & physiotherapists get their own login for My Personal Pages at Here, you can easily find assignments, register your interest for available jobs, do your time reporting and find a variety of other useful functions.

Agila invests in its occupational therapists & physiotherapists

One important aspect of working life is continuous development. Therefore, here at Agila we want you to feel that you have opportunities to grow and develop with us, both professionally and personally, before, during and after your assignments. Our satisfaction as a company lies entirely in you, as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist, having the best possible experience of your work and life situation.

One part of this is that we offer competence development and further training for occupational therapists/physiotherapists who work with us on a continuous basis. This may for instance take the form of courses, lectures and seminars. You and your personal contact jointly formulate a plan that suits your wishes and requirements. Are you thinking about how much you can earn as a an occupational therapist/physiotherapist? Here you can read more about working as a locum therapist for Agila.

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