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Clients usually need staffing support when vacancies arise in their regular work groups. The job of a locum occupational therapist/physiotherapist is primarily to fill this vacancy, while also integrating into the organisation and the existing workforce.

At Agila, our aim is always to ensure that clients who hire occupational therapists & physiotherapists from us get more than simply cover for their staffing vacancies. Our occupational therapists & physiotherapists join clients to provide higher quality, expertise and peace of mind. This means that as a client of Agila, you not only get cover for your temporary vacancy, but also raise the quality and efficiency of your overall operation.

Hire locum therapists from Agila – we specialise in occupational therapists & physiotherapists

Over many years, Agila has built up a comprehensive network of skilled healthcare and social care personnel. And occupational therapists & physiotherapists are no exception. Agila has an extensive base of Sweden’s best occupational therapists/physiotherapists, ready to be hired by clients. All of them have long experience working in municipal, regional and private arenas. Thanks to our large network of contacts and our ongoing partnership with active occupational therapists & physiotherapists we can deliver fast solutions to virtually any staffing requirement.

Personal, close, relationship-based – hiring occupational therapists & physiotherapists from Agila creates lasting synergies

A receptive, personal, service-oriented approach permeates Agila’s entire operation, and is a vital building block in working with you, the client. Throughout the staffing process, from initial contact to finished assignment, we pay close attention to every detail.

When you hire occupational therapists/physiotherapists from Agila, you are immediately assigned a personal contact who stays with you from start to finish. We place great emphasis on maintaining an ongoing dialogue with you, the client. We conduct ongoing follow-ups to make sure that our client/provider co-operation is running in line with expectations. We know that close client relations and genuine commitment create a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs. This in turn leads to positive, far-reaching synergies, ultimately resulting in added value for everyone involved.

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