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Occupational therapists and physiotherapists - Agila

Occupational therapist/physiotherapist with Agila

Agila is the best choice of staffing agency if you work as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist. We want you to think of us as the leading employer in the staffing sector, so we are always committed to you and put the focus on you as a locum therapist. We always strive to ensure our occupational therapists/physiotherapists feel that they’re getting the best possible service, as well as exciting, developmental assignments. When you work as a locum therapist at Agila, we do our utmost to surprise you and offer that bit more. Having said that, the following are of course Agila’s minimum offering:

  • Freedom and flexibility
  • The right value and reward for your work
  • Simple and smooth co-operation
  • Rewarding work duties
  • Career-enhancing assignments

Maximum service – whether you’re a new or an experienced locum therapist

Whether this is the first time you’re a locum occupational therapist/physiotherapist, or you have previous experience of locum jobs, we always want to make the process as smooth as possible for you. At every stage. Our process for those who are new to being a locum therapist is simple, and you need no previous experience of locum work.

With Agila, occupational therapists/physiotherapists enjoy the best possible service. We take care of all the practical details, such as travel and accommodation, and provide you with all the information you need before and during your assignment. You should feel able to concentrate fully on doing a good job. We’ll take care of the rest.

Agila takes care of its locum therapists

At Agila, you the therapist are always our highest priority. It is very important to us that you enjoy your work and have the optimal experience. After long experience in the industry, Agila has amassed a keen awareness of which details and aspects are important when working as a locum – not only for you, but for us as well. Our goal is to ensure that you feel noticed, satisfied and taken care of. As a locum therapist, you are always our top priority.

Agila values you as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist

We feel it is only natural that you feel valued for the work you do – certainly at Agila, at least. We know that as a locum therapist, you do important work, and we want you to feel valued and appreciated accordingly. Agila therefore always offers favourable terms and a competitive salary to its occupational therapists/physiotherapists.

As a locum therapist, you choose whether to work as an Agila employee or to invoice us through your own company. Employed (locum) therapists are paid twice a month.

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