Staffing with occupational therapists & physiotherapists from Agila

Safe, simple, quality-enhancing staffing with locum occupational therapists & physiotherapists

At Agila, we have a very clear idea about how we want to run our staffing agency. We choose always to work with the very best occupational therapists & physiotherapists. In other words, we provide occupational therapists/physiotherapists who not only fill temporary vacancies, they raise the level of quality and competence in your organisation. As a client, you should be able to rest assured that occupational therapists & physiotherapists from Agila know exactly what’s expected of them, and that they quickly familiarise themselves with your organisation to help relieve your regular staff.

To quality assure placement of our occupational therapists/physiotherapists, they all undergo a thorough recruitment process. This includes several interviews, as well as reference, background and qualification checks. Some of the most important checks are our staffing managers’ assessments of how well the therapist matches the client’s operation. The key is to understand how they fit into a work group, and how they can adapt to the unique work culture of each organisation. This calls for long experience, intuition, and an ability to analyse and understand in depth.

Agila – a staffing agency that offers flexible staffing of occupational therapists & physiotherapists

As a client, when you use Agila as your staffing agency you can rest assured that we will be available and active in our occupational therapists’ & physiotherapists’ assignments. We are involved in communication from the start of the placement, and regularly conduct ongoing follow-ups. We also always have a final feedback session with both the client and the occupational therapist/physiotherapist.

Even so, unexpected things can happen when you work with people. Should it happen that you, as a client, are dissatisfied, or if the occupational therapist/physiotherapist needs to change their work situation, we will of course provide a replacement.

Personal, committed staffing with locum occupational therapists & physiotherapists

As a client, when you first contact Agila you will always be assigned a personal contact from the word go. This person will then deal with all contact with you. We always strive to ensure the perfect match between our occupational therapists/physiotherapists and our clients’ staffing requirements. This calls for close dialogue and firm commitment. And that’s exactly what we at Agila are good at, and passionate about. It’s also far more enjoyable to work together when you get to know each other.

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