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FAQ about working as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist

We often receive the same questions from different people. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you’re still unsure about something, please feel free to just call us. Clarity and understanding are something we’re passionate about.

What kind of competence development do you offer occupational therapists & physiotherapists?

Occupational therapists & physiotherapists who work for us continuously are offered an individualised range of courses, lectures, professional literature and so on. Fundamentally, it is the wishes and requirements of our occupational therapists & physiotherapists that determine what kind of competence development is appropriate.

How long has Agila been operating?

Agila started in 2008 under the name Vårdassistans, and changed its name to Agila in 2016. Agila was founded for the purpose of serving society. We do this by finding and placing skills and expertise where they are most needed. After all, this is something that benefits everyone. This purpose is still firmly established in the company. Today Agila works with physicians, nurses, social workers, teachers and occupational therapists/physiotherapists.

How often do you pay occupational therapists & physiotherapists?

Occupational therapists & physiotherapists employed by Agila are paid twice a month.

In what fields do you have jobs for occupational therapists & physiotherapists?

We offer work in municipal home healthcare, rehab, elderly and disability care, primary care rehab under both regional and private management. We also have assignments in rehab and habilitation in inpatient care. Sign up here!

Can you provide testimonials?

Yes we can! In fact we generally suggest that anyone new to Agila chat to one of our active occupational therapists & physiotherapists. Talking to someone with experience always provides a broader, more in-depth understanding.

How can I see what jobs are available?

Once you have an account on our website, you can simply log in as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist and search for jobs in our database, which is constantly updated. When Agila receives a query from a client company, however, the position is often filled immediately, before being published on our website. This is why it’s best to maintain a close dialogue with your personal staffing manager about exactly what you want from future assignments.

What documents etc. do you need if I want to work for Agila?

Before you can start working as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist for Agila, we require the following:
  • Names and contact details of three references
  • CV and personal letter
  • Copy of valid work ID
  • Copy of official ID (driver’s licence or passport)

Why should I work as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist for a staffing agency?

We ask this very question when we conduct surveys among our occupational therapists & physiotherapists. It turns out that what attracts most people to work as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist through a staffing agency is the flexibility and freedom to govern their own work, and also having to spend less time on internal meetings and administration. The higher rate of pay, appreciation from the employer and varied work tasks are also important factors.

Why should I work as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist for Agila?

We are the agency in healthcare, social and school staffing that goes a little further than the others. We always give everything for our clients and employees, and always try to go the extra mile. It is not enough to know that our occupational therapists/physiotherapists are satisfied – we want more than that. We want Agila to be the natural choice for occupational therapists/physiotherapists, and our efforts towards this aim make a big difference.

How do you quality assure the occupational therapists & physiotherapists who work for you?

Ahead of placing someone on an assignment, we always hold at least two personal interviews with the occupational therapist/physiotherapist in question. We also check the occupational therapist/physiotherapist with the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen), any reports to the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO), and require copies of work and official ID. We always contact at least three relevant reference people, who are interviewed in depth. Controls with Socialstyrelsen and IVO are also conducted on an ongoing basis during your time on assignment.

Do you work with people who are studying to become occupational therapists/physiotherapists?

Unfortunately not. We are unable at present to offer assignments to occupational therapists/physiotherapists who do not have work ID.

What is the length and scope of assignments you offer?

The length of assignments for you as an occupational therapist/physiotherapist varies, but is usually 3–6 months, although it can be just a few weeks. Assignments are generally full-time, but they may also be part-time or individual days.

Do I organise my own travel and accommodation if I work away?

Agila will always help you find the best travel and accommodation solution if you take on occupational therapist/physiotherapist assignments in another location.

What is your quality management system?

Agila has a proprietary quality management system certified to ISO 9001.

Are you environmentally certified?

Yes, we hold ISO 14001 environmental certification.

Why did you change names from Vårdassistans to Agila?

One reason was to enable geographical expansion, but we also wanted to reach sectors other than healthcare under the same company name (the name Vårdassistans means ‘Healthcare Assistance’ and restricted us to the medical/healthcare sector). Also, the name Agila is easy to say and readily associates with the word ‘agile’, as well as related words like flexible, adaptable, receptive and mobile – all words that fit in well with our values.

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